On Camera: Video Makeup Techniques

with Rick Allen Lippert
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On Camera: Video Makeup Techniques
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This second installment in On Camera, a series designed to help anyone create a positive impression on-screen, concentrates on enhancing your appearance with makeup. Author Rick Allen Lippert shows how to apply the right amount of makeup for today's high-def cameras, which tend to capture much more visual information. The course is divided into six sections: what to purchase, basic makeup for men, basic makeup for women, makeup for darker skin, airbrushing, and body makeup for covering tattoos and blemishes.

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- Hello, and welcome to On Camera: Video Makeup Techniques. I'm Rick Allen Lippert. Makeup is essential every time you appear on camera. Unfortunately, you don't always have the budget to hire a professional makeup artist. This course will show you what you need to know to apply your own makeup, so you can look good on camera and stay on budget. We'll start by talking about all of the tools and supplies that you'll need to have on hand to apply your own makeup effectively. Next, we'll see specific makeup applications for both men and women and different skin tones.

I'll talk about specialized techniques including applying makeup with an airbrush machine and concealing blemishes and even tattoos on the body. As video production has migrated to almost entirely high-definition, the use of makeup has changed. So the first rule of video makeup is Use it. Don't go on camera without it. Just don't use too much. Now, let's get started with On Camera: Video Makeup Techniques.

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