Brand Building Basics

with Lorrie Thomas Ross
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Brand Building Basics
Video duration: 0s 25m 8s Beginner Updated Aug 29, 2012


In this succinct course, author, speaker, and marketing expert Lorrie Thomas Ross provides an overview of the basics of branding your business or yourself through consistency, communication, and effective collateral. The course shows how images, messaging, and market positioning can help you build visibility and credibility among customers. It includes real examples of successful brands and how aspects such as color, logos, and fonts, not to mention a strong web presence, contribute to their success.

Topics include:
  • Understanding branding
  • Looking at trends and a gallery of brands
  • Positioning your brand in the marketplace
  • Integrating images and style
  • Developing a business promise
  • Creating a style guide
  • Trademarking your brand
  • Tying together the print and web site design for a brand
  • Avoiding common mistakes


- I'm Lorrie Thomas Ross. Welcome to Brand Building Basics. Branding isn't just for big business. Marketplace perception can help or hurt our ability to succeed professionally. Branding applies to products, services, nonprofits, concepts, even people. Whether you're building your brand from the ground up, or managing an existing brand, in this short course, we'll cover how to grab the reins of your brand. We'll start by clarifying the true meaning of branding, Examine several successful brands, and explore helpful branding tools.

Next, we'll dive into development. We'll cover everything from defining your brand to making a style guide. Lastly, we'll help you successfully manage your brand by looking at how to avoid common mistakes. Branding is what builds and boosts business. What kind of mark do you want to make? Let's get started with Brand Building Basics. See you in my course.

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