Building Self-Confidence

with Todd Dewett
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Building Self-Confidence
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Confidence can help you accomplish your goals and build strong relationships. But the reverse is also true; a lack of confidence can hurt you personally and professionally. Luckily, there are steps you can take to build lasting self-confidence. In this course, author and educator Todd Dewett shows you 10 techniques for building confidence you can apply at work and in your personal life. Learn how to own where you are and where you want to be, remove negativity, and visualize success.


Building confidence

- Self confidence is a key ingredient in any successful career. In fact, in life in general. It's that belief in self that allows you to envision mastering skills. It allows you to envision accomplishing interesting and challenging goals. When you have strong self confidence, others know it. In fact, they can feel it. And it makes them want to include you more. The reverse is also true. If you lack self confidence, the average person can sense that. And when they do, it makes them question you.

Here's the good news: even though it's true that people are born with different amounts of self confidence, it's also true that you can view confidence as a skill. And experiencing and building this skill is something anyone can do with the right attitude and the right effort. Now to be honest, you don't make significant changes in confidence overnight, so be prepared. This is a long-term process. But with the right effort, you can get there. I'd like to share several specific steps that will help you begin that journey.

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