Building Customer Loyalty

with Jill Griffin
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Building Customer Loyalty
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Do loyal customers still exist in our wired world? Yes, but you have to work to keep them. In this course, customer-loyalty expert and best-selling author Jill Griffin outlines a three-step process for understanding who your best customers are and how to keep them loyal. First Jill explains why not all customers are equal and why the first step in building customer loyalty is to know who your best customers are. She then shares proven customer-retention techniques, using examples from large, successful organizations, and shows how you can learn from your best customers' buying behavior. Last, Jill provides guidance on how to embed customer-loyalty practices into every level of your organization.



- I travel a lot and as I meet new people I'm always asked Jill what do you do for a living? I answer well, I'm a customer loyalty specialist. And they often ask the follow-up question, does customer loyalty even exist anymore? It's an interesting question that takes me back to when I was growing up in the small town of Marshville, North Carolina. By big city standards our buying choices were limited, but we didn't know it. Local businesses satisfied our needs and in turn won our loyalty.

For most businesses large or small, these good old days are gone forever. In today's wired economy with the internet, smartphones, and such, people are over saturated with choice. My name is Jill Griffin. I've been writing, speaking, and consulting, on customer loyalty for three decades. In this course I wanna share with you tools and skills that can help you grow more loyal customers. And the more loyal your customers, the better your business will be.

So let's get started.

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