Building Creative Organizations

with Nancy Napier
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Building Creative Organizations
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Have you wondered how you can be creative on short notice and sustain that spark throughout your organization? Creative principles like imagination, innovation, change, and play enhance a business's productivity, its marketability, and the bottom line. Organizational creativity expert and MBA faculty Dr. Nancy Napier teaches the six disciplines of creativity in high-performing organizations. Discover how your company meets creative challenges and then adopt strategies from the six disciplines to hire the best talent, get inspiration beyond your field, and set up creative spaces and appropriate leadership structures. This course also covers common obstacles leaders find in transitioning their organizations to more creative ways of thinking.



- Some people think creativity means being good at art or music. Don't kid yourself, it's simply doing things differently to get better and anyone can use it in all kinds of industries and settings. As I worked with dozens of organizations in a wide range of fields, from theater to law enforcement, to software, to healthcare, to education, and even sports. What I see over and over is that they used creativity with a goal of getting better and see it as essential to their long term surviving and thriving.

And that's what we'll talk about, ways that you and your organization can do things differently to boost performance. We'll talk about connections between creativity and performance. How to tell where your firm might stand. Then we'll look at six disciplines that will help you encourage creativity and performance. They range from looking beyond your field for ideas to using a disciplined process to find and evaluate ideas. Also, we'll talk about how your work space could help encourage or discourage creativity.

And last and one of my favorites, what helps to develop a culture that encourages creativity. This can be tough, but believe me it can also be very rewarding. Along the way I'll provide some exercises to help encourage creativity in your own setting. So lets get started.

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