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About Drew

Drew:Well let me introduce myself, I'm Drew Boyd and I am a practitioner of innovation. It's something that I learned about in my many years of working in large organizations. I'm now out of large organizations. I've joined a university where I get the opportunity to work with young people and I get to teach them innovation. I got very lucky years ago when I learned about my now good friend and colleague, a guy named Jacob Goldenberg.

And what Dr. Goldenberg did for his PhD research is he studied highly innovative products, initially, to find out what made them different from one another. What he found is that they have more in common with one another. That highly innovative products tend to follow a set of patterns that can be reapplied. For thousands of years innovators have used patterns in their inventions usually without even realizing it and they're now embedded into the products and services you see around you today.

We want to get this into as many people's hands as we can. We want people to see the gift of what this can bring. We want children to learn it. We want people to finally see that even though you've been told all your life that you're not creative, and believe me, I've met so many people that'll come to me and say, "Drew, I'm just not creative." "My co-workers tell me this, my teachers have told me this. "Even my parents have told me I'm not creative." Can you imagine? And they learn a method and they go, "Oh my god, I really can be creative!" And what an epiphany for people! What a gift to realize finally that you can learn something that's gonna make you be able to produce new ideas on demand.

So this is sort of the passion that fuels me and this is what got me so excited about the ability to work with and put down a course that's going to spread the gospel here and get people in a different place. I'm very excited.

About Drew
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About Drew provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Drew Boyd as part of the Business Innovation

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