On Camera: Video Lighting for the Web

with Rick Allen Lippert
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On Camera: Video Lighting for the Web
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Join Rick Allen Lippert, as he shows off some simple and inexpensive lighting techniques to make everyone look their best on camera. This concise course in our On Camera series covers topics such as gathering your equipment, basic lighting for a home or office environment, understanding how color temperature works, and three-point lighting. Rick also touches on how to procure good audio from your recording, how to create the best appearance on camera, and working with built-in and portable webcams.

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- Hello and welcome to On Camera: Video Lighting for the Web. I'm Rick Allen Lippert. In this course, I'll be showing you how to look and sound better when you find yourself using any kind of webcam, consumer level video camera, or even a smartphone or tablet. We'll start by identifying the essential equipment that you'll need to light your home or office for video. Then we'll talk about some basic lighting concepts that you'll need to know including the mysterious color temperature that you may have heard about.

Next, we'll build a basic lighting setup using only lights and lamps you might find in your home, office, or garage. Finally, we'll talk about how to setup a more advanced lighting scenario. While it won't break the bank, these advanced techniques will help you design a higher quality lighting setup if you have a little more of a budget. Whether you web chat for a job interview, shoot YouTube videos in your home or office, or even appear on television via Skype, there's a trick to looking good at it.

Some of it may seem like common sense, but I think you'll find some really helpful tips to make you look your best. So let's get started with On Camera: Video Lighting for the Web.

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