Agile Project Management

with Bob McGannon
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Agile Project Management
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Agile project management allows you to produce smaller deliverables more frequently and efficiently, making it an excellent choice for teams that work in product development, programming, business analysis, and other collaborative areas. But it's a fragile process that requires the right scope, goals, and management. In this course, author and Project Management Professional Bob McGannon shows you the tools and techniques you need to successfully manage a project through the agile life cycle. Learn how to use agile for the right projects and then walk through the four major phases in the cycle, from scoping the work and designing your sprint structure to collecting requirements, managing the project without interfering in the rapid build process, adapting to feedback, and closing the project. In the bonus chapter, Bob discusses real-life challenges he has encountered running agile projects, giving you real-world perspective into the project life cycle. is a PMI Registered Education Provider. This course qualifies for professional development units (PDUs). To view the activity and PDU details for this course, click here.

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Topics include:
  • What is agile project management?
  • Selecting an agile project
  • Scoping the project
  • Designing your sprint structure
  • Collecting requirements
  • Running stand-up meetings
  • Managing issues and risks
  • Tracking lessons learned
  • Responding to change requests
  • Closing the project
  • Spotting signs of trouble


- This course cover the characteristics of Agile projects, the Agile project lifecycle, and the best ways to manage Agile projects during each phase of their lifecycle. We will start by examining the stages of the Agile project in detail, including the deliverables you produce along the way and the most common tools and approaches to help you manage an Agile project. Then I will guide you through techniques to help ensure your Agile projects will be successful. Next, I'll describe the characteristics that make a project a good candidate for Agile methods and techniques.

Then I will show you the various techniques and tools that are applied to determine project scope and set project expectations. Agile projects must be managed with care. Having the right tools and techniques in your toolkit can make the job of managing an Agile project much easier. I will introduce you to these tools and techniques in Agile project management.

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