Up and Running with IFTTT

with Charles G. Hollins
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Up and Running with IFTTT
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Organize your life across digital platforms with IFTTT. This free online service that lets you connect phones and tablets, apps, and services and set up "if this, then that" recipes that trigger a wide variety of possible results, from waking you up early if it's snowing to sending you an email if you're tagged in an Instagram photo. Charles G. Hollins shows you how to set up IFTTT's triggers, actions, and ingredients, and how to create new and customize existing IFTTT recipes. In this course, you'll explore IFTTT recipes like getting notified if your favorite stock drops, creating notes in your favorite cloud storage app, automating tweets, and even receiving a text message when a motion sensor is triggered at your home. Start with these recipes and learn how to create your own!

Topics include:
  • Customizing a shared recipe
  • Creating your own simple recipe
  • Putting IFTTT to practical use
  • Automating publishing, posting, and sharing
  • Managing contacts and calendars
  • Working with sensors and devices


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Charles Hollins and this is Up and Running with IFTTT. IFTTT which stands for If This Then That, is a web-based tool for connecting different digital channels together. With IFTTT you can combine different web and social media applications, automate tasks, web enable lights, appliances, and wearable technologies such as Google Glass and fitness trackers. In the first part of the course you'll learn how to find and customize existing recipes and create and share new ones.

In the last chapter we'll explore several fun and practical recipes that illustrate how to use IFTTT to manage contacts, tasks and memos, organize links, content and media, automate publishing, posting and sharing, and monitor and control physical sensors and devices. So let's roll up our sleeves and get started.

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