Writing Press Releases

with Lorrie Thomas Ross
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Writing Press Releases
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A well-written press release is an invaluable marketing asset, but it's not written for the press alone. Press releases do much more than spread news; they boost search visibility, enhance customer service, increase brand recognition, and support sales. In this short writing course, marketing expert Lorrie Thomas shows you how to write an effective press release. The course begins with a discussion of what press releases are and then walks you through finding your story, preparing to write, getting your head and subhead down, crafting body copy, adding your boilerplate, and sending the release to media outlets.

Topics include:
  • Picking a topic
  • Defining your who, what, where, when, and how
  • Writing a title
  • Writing a quote
  • Writing the body copy
  • Distributing a press release


- A well-written press release is an invaluable marketing asset to get news with the information in front of the media, public, or specific audience. Press releases are not written for the press alone, they are communications tool that can help get your news in the news while also working to create connections with current or prospective customers. Thanks to today's web driven world, a best practice press release can work beyond getting media attention. A press release can boost such visibility, distribute critical information, increase recognition, and support sales.

Writing a press release is a marketing communications practice to educate and ignite action. Whether you are a marketing pro looking to write press releases with current best practices, or if you're just starting to work on press releases, we'll cover ideas to help you get on the right path and make these messages count. Join me as I explore the art and science of writing press releases.

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