Effective HTML Email and Newsletters

with Tim Slavin
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Effective HTML Email and Newsletters
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This course provides hands-on training on all aspects of email marketing, from crafting emails and setting up effective marketing campaigns to managing spam filters and evaluating delivery services. Author Tim Slavin introduces the fundamentals of email marketing, including the differences between HTML email and web pages, how to code emails that display properly on receipt, and ways to stay current with HTML email standards and capabilities. The course includes several project-oriented tutorials on creating multi-column newsletter layouts and multi-product offer emails, and also explains how to automate email creation, test emails prior to delivery, outsource campaigns, and address common coding problems.

Topics include:
  • Understanding MIME types
  • Reducing spam potential in an email or email list
  • Creating content for email campaigns
  • Understanding the design constraints of HTML emails
  • Building email address lists
  • Understanding the ideal coding process
  • Designing a plain text email from an HTML email
  • Deciding how and when to test an email
  • Sending email with canned templates
  • Troubleshooting layout, spacing, and image issues
  • Adding video to email
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- Hi, I'm Tim Slavin, and welcome to Effective HTML Email and Newsletters. In this course, I'll be covering several main topics. The differences between webpages and HTML emails, display problems with email software, email marketing basics, including how to avoid creating spam, and common coding issues. I'll also walk you through the creation of single, double, and multi column HTML email newsletters from beginning to end. In addition, I'll show you how to send email with several email delivery services.

Plus, I'll show you how to automatically create email newsletters from your website content using WordPress and Expression Engine, as well as two services that generate emails from your website RSS feed. If you have questions about email content, design, and coding, you'll find answers in Effective HTML Email and Newsletters.

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