Creating an HTML Email Newsletter

with Tim Slavin
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Creating an HTML Email Newsletter
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In this course, author Tim Slavin shows how to design and code an HTML email newsletter, including setting the final dimensions and color palette, placing images and copy in the code structures of the file, and defining the newsletter's parameters with tables within tables. The course demonstrates each step of building an HTML newsletter, up to testing and sending the email.

Topics include:
  • Adjusting margins and padding in the code
  • Setting the look for headers and footers
  • Testing the code with tools like BrowserLab
  • Building a TXT equivalent of an HTML email for simple email readers
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- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Time Slavin. And welcome to creating HTML email and newsletters. In this course, we will build an HTML email that looks just like this. At the top is header area where you can include a link to any web version of your email. We then have border that is a background image. We have a logo, we have a copy area with a heading, subheading, and a copy block with different styles. Underneath that, is a photograph and below that are the address information.

Copyright, and Facebook information. Finally, at the very bottom is an area where you can add your unsubscribed link. By watching this course you'll learn how to build almost any HTML email. And I hope you find it valuable.

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