Speeding Up Your Home PC for Beginners

with Laura Bungarz
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Speeding Up Your Home PC for Beginners
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Is your computer sluggish? Cluttered? Bursting at the seams? In this course, created for those new to PC maintenance and utilities, author and computer teacher Laura Bungarz shares some of her favorite techniques to help you speed up your home PC. Learn about defragmenting, checking your RAM, sorting files, and using utilities you already have to clean up "behind the scenes." Laura will also provide tips on upgrading your computer and, if your budget permits, looking for a new PC.

Topics include:
  • Cleaning the desktop
  • Organizing files with folders
  • Using Disk Cleanup, msconfig, and Disk Defragmenter
  • Freeing up disk space
  • Buying and installing RAM
  • Upgrading your computer


- Hi, I'm Laura Bungarz. In this course, I'll show you some simple ways to speed up your computer. I'll start by showing you how to sort and organize your files, and remove all of the unused software. Then, I'll show you how to use some simple utilities, that are already on your computer, to speed up and clean your computer even further. I'll also give you lots of tips, for buying a new computer, and upgrading the one you already have. Let's get started with Speeding Up Your Home PC.

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