Creative Spark: Grammar Girl, Changing Writing One Word at a Time

with Mignon Fogarty
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Creative Spark: Grammar Girl, Changing Writing One Word at a Time
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Grammar is one of those topics that leaves even confident writers scratching their heads. But Grammar Girl, aka Mignon Fogarty, realized there was another way to teach it: Grammar could be fun! She started recording a podcast in her closet, which quickly became a website, a series of books—and a phenomenon, reaching over 50 million listeners. Find out how Grammar Girl evolved into the Quick and Dirty Tips network and led Mignon to develop her own iOS app—and see how she's using crowdfunding to support the development of her next venture: a board game called Peeve Wars.



- I'm always looking for new ways to make learning fun. Because grammar is such an intimidating topic, I wanted Grammar Girl to be unintimidating. Grammar Girl here. You get a bonus show this week. Over the lifetime, the Grammar Girl podcast has been downloaded more than 50 million times. I knew I had a business I could build on and grow, so I quickly formed the Quick and Dirty Tips podcast network. When I saw an opportunity to play with game technology, that was really compelling.

Suddenly with crowd funding, you can get your fans to help you get that seed money to make your game. I'll hear from teachers and parents who say I have this kid who was really struggling with grammar. And after just a couple hours with Grammar Pod, he said he suddenly gets it. He's picking out the nouns and the verbs, and that's just incredibly rewarding knowing that I help people. Through everything, that makes it worth it.

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