Up and Running with Xbox One

with Doug Winnie
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Up and Running with Xbox One
Video duration: 0s 1h 55m Appropriate for all Updated Dec 24, 2014


Xbox One is Microsoft's latest generation of their popular console gaming system. But with its new interface and apps, its role has expanded far beyond gaming. For many people, the Xbox is the hub of their home. Learn how to extend your Xbox One and integrate it with other services and hardware in this quick course. Doug Winnie walks through how to set up and connect to your Internet and TV signals, download and purchase apps, collaborate with Skype, and access files from OneDrive. Plus, learn how to manage and control your Xbox using your phone or tablet via Xbox SmartGlass.

Topics include:
  • Connecting and powering up the Xbox One
  • Working with games and apps
  • Signing up for Xbox Live
  • Using Xbox with your TV
  • Controlling Xbox One with your voice
  • Messaging friends
  • Using OneDrive with Xbox One
Xbox One


- Welcome to Up and Running with Xbox One. I'm Doug Winnie, and I'm going to take you through how to get your Xbox One set up, connected to the internet and to your digital television signal, and walk you through how to download apps, collaborate with others using Skype and work with files on the internet. Oh, and maybe show you how to play a game or two. And while the Xbox One is an awesome gaming console, there is so much more to the Xbox than just playing games. It really is the center of your living room and changes the way that you watch TV and work with streaming services all in a single box.

So let's get comfortable, grab our controller and get Up and Running with Xbox One.

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