Grammar Fundamentals

with Judy Steiner-Williams
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Grammar Fundamentals
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Grammar matters! Why? Proper grammar improves the clarity of your writing and increases readers' confidence in your ideas. But memorizing every single grammar rule is not the purpose of this course. Instead, author Judy Steiner-Williams concentrates on helping you apply the basic principles so you can avoid making the most common mistakes. Learn about the different parts of speech, possessive rules, and the difference between writing vs. spelling numbers. Then discover tricks for using words that look alike or sound alike (but have entirely different meanings) and enforcing parallel structure.

Topics include:
  • Why does grammar matter?
  • Diagramming sentences
  • Understanding pronouns
  • Working with adjectives and adverbs
  • Making sentences parallel
  • Deciding when to use active and passive voice
  • Using commas correctly
  • Practicing grammar rules


- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Judy, and in this course I hope to take some of that "Grr" out of grammar. Trying to help you memorize the numerous grammar rules is not the purpose of this course. Rather, the focus will be on applying they key rules, and providing, as much as possible, non-technical reasons for why something should or shouldn't be used. However, as with any area, certain jargon, parts of speech, for example, will have to be incorporated. So, let's make a deal. If you promise not to say, "Grr" too often, I promise that the focus of this course will be on applying the rules, rather than on memorizing them.

I'll refer to the rules only when the basic terms or jargon must be used. Otherwise, the lessons will focus on how to avoid making the most common grammar and punctuation errors. So let's get started on learning how to make sure your writing is mechanically correct to help give that reader a good first impression, and help you become a more confident writer.

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