Ideas that Resonate

with Stefan Mumaw
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Ideas that Resonate
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Designers generate ideas every day. Some are small, some are average, and then there's the select few that are truly big ideas—the type that change behaviors, shake landscapes, and spawn copycats. But what makes a big idea? Here, Stefan Mumaw reveals the seven characteristics of ideas that resonate. He'll show you what big ideas look like, using examples from real-world companies like Dove, Volkswagen, TNT, and Google, and teach you how to unlock the potential in your own ideas and connect with your audience in a "big" way.

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- Whether you're a designer, an art director, a marketing exec, or an ad creative, your daily challenges are likely centered around creating content that resonates with people, makes a connection, and drives an action. This content can be any number of things. Online video, posters, TV spots, installations, identity designs, marketing material, or integrated campaigns. Regardless of the medium, the goal remains the same.

To get as many people as possible, to experience it, and then act on it. We're gonna uncover the seven characteristics of creating compelling brand content. The measuring stick that helps us gauge the evangelistic potential of the ideas we generate. This course is all about creating content that will effectively engage an audience. And move them to action. And to illustrate that, we'll take a look at real world examples, of brands that are doing it right. Brands that have developed compelling ideas, focused on a powerful goal.

Genuine connection. Ready to get started? I'm Stefan Mumaw, and this is Ideas that Resonate. Let's rock.

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