Deconstructing the document

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Deconstructing the document

We'll take a look at the finished InDesign document and I'm going to point out to you the various different tools that I have used to construct our eight-page newsletter. So in no particular order, I'm using layers and I'm using them fairly obviously. I have my text on the Text layer so if I hide the Text layer, that's going to go away. I have my pictures, not surprisingly, on the Pictures layer. I have this layer called Page Furniture. I'm using this to store any kind of repeating page element, like for example the footers, the masthead, the rules that separate the different articles, the department heads which are going to stay in the same place from issue to issue.

And then I have this layer called 4 column guides. Now if I were to turn on my guides here and I'm going to do that by changing to my Normal view mode or I could press W and I'll turn off the 4 column guides. We can see that this is for the most part a 3-column grid. But there are times when I want to use four columns and at such times, if we go back to the first page, it's going to be useful for me to have guides visible. Now because having those visible at all times may be a bit visually confusing, I can turn these on and off just as I need to.

So that's how I'm using the layers. I'll switch now to my preview by just pressing W and now let's look at the master pages. In my Pages panel, I'm going to double-click on A-Master, and very simple, straightforward use of the master pages. Let's zoom on one of these. All I have is the page number, because we are on A-Master, is represented by that token A. But when we actually get on to the document pages, of course, it does change to their actual page number. We have our logo or nameplate and we have the publication date. So because those are on the master pages, they are appearing in exactly the same position on every document page.

With a notable exception, that being the first page. We don't need master page items on the first page. It's redundant to tell people this is Page 1. Of course, I'm using a lot of paragraph styles to apply the paragraph formats consistently. A lesser number of character styles to apply local formatting like whenever I want a word or a phrase bold, for example, consistently. And I'm also using object styles to consistently and much more efficiently format my images, and also just to make sure that repeating elements like lines are all the same color and the same weight.

We are going to be seeing how to create these styles and how to apply them to different pieces of text and to different items on our page.

Deconstructing the document
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Deconstructing the document provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Nigel French as part of the Designing a Newsletter

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