Bridge and Version Cue CS3 Essential Training

with Ted LoCascio
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Bridge and Version Cue CS3 Essential Training
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To help CS3 users manage photos and other digital files that can become overwhelming, Adobe has introduced Bridge CS3. In Bridge and Version Cue CS3 Essential Training , instructor Ted LoCascio teaches viewers how to use Bridge to take full advantage of each application and better manage files for individual and group projects. Complementing Bridge in the file management process is Version Cue CS3, a server-based workgroup collaboration system that also works with all the CS3 applications. Exercise files accompany this training.

Topics include:
  • Accessing Bridge and its features Creating metadata templates Sorting and rating files Synchronizing color Creating an InDesign contact sheet Opening and placing files Enabling Version Cue Creating a Version Cue project Working with versions in layout documents Working with versions in placed documents
Design Photography


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