Up and Running with Bootstrap 2

with Jen Kramer
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Up and Running with Bootstrap 2
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Bootstrap is a free web development tool from Twitter that, with a little bit of CSS and JavaScript experience, makes building websites quick, intuitive, and fun. Author Jen Kramer explores its 12-column grid layout; typography and icon libraries; fully functional components like nav bars, buttons, and tabs; and much more. This course also shows how to add JavaScript extras like dropdown menus, modal windows, and photo carousels.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the difference between default and fluid grids
  • Nesting with fluid grids
  • Creating a thumbnail gallery
  • Adding block quotes and lists of text
  • Incorporating images and icons
  • Adding breadcrumb navigation and pagination
  • Using tabs and pills navigation
  • Making the nav bar responsive with JavaScript
  • Adding dropdown menus to the nav bar, tabs, and pill


(light music) - Hi, I'm Jen Kramer, welcome to Up and Running with Bootstrap. In this course, I'll show you how to download the Bootstrap framework and integrated CSS and Java Script into your website. Then we'll cover Bootstrap's responsive, twelve column grid system, which makes webpage layouts quick to assemble, but provides lots of flexibility. We'll also look at the CSS styling that comes with Bootstrap. Including the right way to override and tweak those styles for your own sites.

We'll explore navigation systems that come with Bootstrap, including tabs, pills, as well as pagination. Finally, I'll go over some cool Java Script effects that come with Bootstrap. Including, moto-windows and a fun photo carousel. So let's get started with Up and Running with Bootstrap.

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