Bootstrap 2: Adding Interactivity to Your Site

with Jen Kramer
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Bootstrap 2: Adding Interactivity to Your Site
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Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most used HTML/CSS/JavaScript frameworks for creating responsive websites. In this course, Jen Kramer shows you how to add interactive elements like a thumbnail gallery, dropdown menus, or a contact form using Bootstrap and a simple text editor. Plus, learn to add helpful pop-ups and tooltips that enhance the usability of these features. The principles illustrated here can carry into using Bootstrap in content management systems as well as with static websites.

Topics include:
  • Setting up your working environment
  • Planning the thumbnail gallery
  • Creating modal windows
  • Creating an image carousel
  • Linking images and adding captions
  • Changing the carousel rotation
  • Laying out and styling a contact form
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Hi, I'm Jen Kramer. Welcome to Bootstrap, Adding Interactivity to Your Site. This course builds on the Up And Running With Bootstrap course located in the online training library. First, we'll make an interesting thumbnail grid, linking our thumbnails to a modal window. Next, we'll build an image carousel with all the bells and whistles, including links, captions, a position indicator, and navigation. Finally, we'll take an in depth look at forms in bootstrap. I'll show you how to style a form with bootstrap's classes. And we'll also enhance our form with JavaScript Base tool tips and the collapse feature.

So if you're ready, let's get started with Bootstrap, Adding Interactivity to Your Site. (MUSIC).

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Q: I am trying to create the image carousels shown in this course, and they are not functioning properly. The custom.css file seems to be missing from the exercise files and I think this is the reason. Can you provide it?
A: custom.css isn't created until the carousel indicators are added. However, these styles have to do with the way the indicators look, and nothinghas to do with the way the carousel functions.
Are you sure you're working with Bootstrap 2.x? You download that from here: The carousel changed radically between Bootstrap 2.x and Bootstrap 3, and this course might not work with version 3.
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