Bootstrap 3: New Features and Migration

with Ray Villalobos
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Bootstrap 3: New Features and Migration
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Bootstrap 3 is here, and it supports mobile design and responsive CSS better than ever. Join author Ray Villalobos for an overview of the new classes, mobile-first approach, and other enhancements in Bootstrap 3, and learn how to migrate your sites and files to the new framework. Find out about the new installation options, updates to grids and scaffolding, and changes to the handling of type, images, and JavaScript. Then learn to integrate the new list group and panel components into your workflow. The course closes with a look at migrating a sample site from Bootstrap 2.3 to 3.0, from replacing template files to tweaking your grid, navigation, and images.

Topics include:
  • Installing Bootstrap 3
  • Using the new grid systems
  • Working with typography
  • Understanding the responsive class updates
  • Using panels and list groups
  • Migrating from Bootstrap 2.3 to Bootstrap 3.0


- [Voiceover] Hey there, this is Ray Villalobos and welcome to Bootstrap 3: New Features. I'll start by showing you the changes in the Bootstrap framework in the new version 3.0. I'll be showing you how the new Bootstrap takes on a new mobile first approach, then we'll examine the new ways of installing Bootstrap and how the grid and scaffolding systems have changed so that you'll know how to modify your files if you're migrating from Bootstrap 2. I'm also gonna show you about some of the minor changes to Typography, Buttons, Images, and Icons.

I'll show you how the coding for forms have changed and some of the changes to the responsive design classes. I'll take you through the changes to some of the pre-built components and take a look at what's happened to JavaScript in the new version. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the new components in Bootstrap 3 including panels and list groups. If you're getting ready to migrate a site from the old version of Bootstrap to Bootstrap 3, then you'll definitely want to watch this course, so let's get started.

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