Selling in the Blurb bookstore

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Selling in the Blurb bookstore

When you upload or create a book, it starts out as private by default, which means that you're the only one who knows about it and can view it. But, you can take advantage of some Blurb sharing options designed to help you promote and hopefully sell copies of your book to family, friends, and your social network. I'm here on the page that lists all my active books on the Blurb site. I got here by signing into my Blurb account and then going to Your Blurb and choosing Your Books. From this menu I can see how many Private books I have and how many Public books.

Public books are books that I've authorized to be sold on the Blurb website, a subject that I'll talk about in the next movie. The Status of a particular book is listed next to it over here, so you can see that this book, which I just finished making with Bookify, is still Private. Even when a book is Private, I can share announcements about the fact that I've created it, using these icons to share a link to the book by e-mail or post a link on Facebook or twitter. When the book is private the people with whom I share will see at most the cover of the book in an order forum, but I can share more than that and that's where things really get interesting.

To do that, I need to turn on a preview of the book and that's over here on the left. Preview is currently Off. I can either click change or Turn on and that takes me to the detail page for this book, which is like my own command center for this book. I have the same sharing icons that I can use on this page and if I scroll down and I click on Edit Book Settings, here is where I can turn the Book Preview on and off. I could select Show first 15 pages of the book, or if I want to customize the number of pages available for preview or specify particular pages, I'll click Show customize preview, and then Ill click Customize.

Here on the next screen I can use these buttons to customize exactly which pages are going to be available in the preview. Let's say I want to add one more page here. I'll just come down here and I'll click on one more page. Then I'll click Finish. I'll click OK at the prompt, which tells me to go to the bottom of this page and click Save Changes. Now, if I want to see what the people with whom I share are going to be able to see, I'll click right here on Preview Book. This is called the BookShow widget.

I can click the arrow here to move from the cover to the pages of the book. The people with whom I am sharing will not only be able to preview the book. If they like it, they'll be able to buy it by clicking this icon down here. They can also share by clicking the twitter or Facebook icons and they can get information about the book by clicking here. One thing to keep in mind is that if you do authorize a preview of some pages of your book, your book theoretically will be searchable in a search engine. So, in a sense, it stops being truly private when you turn on preview.

Having said that, I think this is a really powerful feature to take advantage of. If you want to know more about this BookShow widget, go to Apps and then go down to Blurb BookShow. I am going to click BookShow over here, and on the next page I have tabs from which I can access specific code for embedding this Preview widget in a WordPress site or in a Blogger blog, among other things. So whether it's through Facebook, twitter, e-mail, or a blog post I can entice my friends and followers to view a sneak peek of my book, to share the announcement of my book with other people, and maybe to even buy my book, even if the book is not public on the Blurb BookStore.

Selling in the Blurb bookstore
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Selling in the Blurb bookstore provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Creating Photo Books with Blurb

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