Product Shots in Blender

with George Maestri
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Product Shots in Blender
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Learn how to model basic objects in Blender and create professional-quality renders of product designs. George Maestri first shows you how to model a simple package design, apply textures to it, and then light and render the model with Blender's Cycles renderer. Then he moves to a more sophisticated model: an energy-drink bottle. George shows how to model the bottle and the liquid inside it, create and apply glass and fluid materials, and add environmental lighting and reflectivity in the final render.

Topics include:
  • Modeling to reference
  • Setting up the Cycles renderer
  • Projecting and unwrapping UVs
  • Setting up the camera
  • Adding lights
  • Texturing product shots
3D + Animation


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm George Maestri, and welcome to Product Shots in Blender. In this course, we're gonna go through and create some simple product shots. We're gonna start off with a packaging shot, and we're going to apply textures to our packages, as well as light and render them using Blender's cycles renderer, and then we're gonna move on to a more sophisticated shot. We're gonna create a sports drink bottle. We're gonna start off with modeling, we're gonna create the bottle, as well as the sports drink that's within it, and then we're going to create materials for these.

We're gonna create a glassy material for the bottle, as well as the drink that's inside of it, and then, we're gonna finally render it using environmental textures and reflectivity for a very nice final shot. So, let's get started with Product Shots in Blender.

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