Downloading the Grade Center

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Downloading the Grade Center

One of the limitations of viewing your roster within a Blackboard course is there is no easy way for you to download that roster to your computer. Well, we're going to show you how to solve that problem by not going into the roster, but rather going into the Grade Center and downloading the entire Grade Center to your computer. So here's what we're going to do. Under My Courses, click the name of the course and then scroll down, and under Course Management, to the right of the words 'Grade Center', click the two Greater Than signs.

That actually opens up the Grade Center itself. We're here in the Grade Center. Notice that the Grade Center shows us basically our roster. It shows Last Name, First Name, Username, Student ID. It even shows me the date the last student logged in to the course, whether or not they can see the course. It shows me their grades. Far right-hand side there's this button that says Work Offline. That's actually what I'm going to click on. I'm going to download an entire copy of this. This is my roster. So I click on download, and it's going to ask me, what do I want to download? Now I have a lot of options here.

Usually when I do this I leave everything the way it is. I'm not going to change any settings. But I do have the choice, I can download the full Grade Center, or just a selected column or two. I can download just user information. In this case, I'm going to take the full Grade Center. I can change the delimiter type. What's happening is it's going to be downloading this as a text file, which is then going to be opened up by Microsoft Excel. Comma-delimited files, I've had some problems with in the past. I haven't had a problem with tab-delimited files, so I'm going to keep this is a tab-delimited file, and I'm not going to play around with the hidden information.

Now this safe location, this might trip you up. It's going to say, where you want to download it? Do you want to download to My Computer? Sure, well, let me click on Browse and choose where--no, don't click on Browse. Browse actually has to do with the content collection. Browse is saving it on to Blackboard itself. That actually could violate FERPA, the Family Educational Fight to Privacy Act. You don't want to share your grades with anybody else. So browse doesn't let you choose where to save it-- that comes up later. Don't click Browse. Just say, My Computer, and in this case, click Submit.

It's going to take your Grade Center, put it into an Excel file, a tab-delimited file, and I can now download this. What you see now is you have your entire Grade Center. You've got the Last Name, the First Name, the Username, and a very strange Student ID. What ends up happening is, because this column is so small, it kind of turns this into scientific notation. In this case, there's a real Student ID and then the Last Accessed date and everything. I can now save this. I can use it on my computer.

We'll talk a lot more about the Grade Center, including how to upload things from this file back into the Grade Center. But for now, what I wanted to show you is that if you wanted to download your grades, or your roster from Blackboard, click the name of your course, scroll down. To the right of the word 'Grade Center', click this twp Greater Than sign button. Far right-hand side of the Grade Center, after the Grade Center loads, click on Work Offline, and download the Grade Center.

Downloading the Grade Center
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Downloading the Grade Center provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Patrick Crispen as part of the Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors

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