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Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan Billy Sheehan has played bass on dozens of records and toured all over the world for decades. His unique and original style of playing has been celebrated and documented everywhere. His playing, singing, songwriting, and contributions to numerous recordings have resulted in millions of records sold worldwide, too many reader's poll awards to list, number one hits, number one videos, sold-out shows, and most importantly the mutual love, friendship, and respect between himself and many millions of fans around the globe.

Starting in his hometown of Buffalo, New York in the early '70s with the now legendary hard rock trio Talas, Sheehan went on to join David Lee Roth in the summer of '85 when Roth quit Van Halen to go out on his own. Playing alongside guitarist Steve Vai and drummer Gregg Bissonette, Roth's legendary Eat 'Em and Smile record and tour went on to platinum status and sold out shows everywhere.

Sheehan left Roth's band in 1987 to start his own band, Mr. Big, which went on to achieve a number one hit ("To Be with You") in 14 countries, staying number one on the US Billboard charts for three solid weeks. Along with Mr. Big members Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, and Pat Torpey, Sheehan recorded and toured the world for another decade until the band disbanded in 2002. After which, he found time to start Niacin—a fusion/blues trio based around the Hammond B3 sound—featuring drummer Dennis Chambers. Sheehan rejoined his old bandmate Steve Vai for several tours as well as playing on Vai's Real Illusions record and tour.

After several solo records and other projects, Mr. Big reunited in 2009 and played a sold-out world tour. The band recorded What If… in 2011 to rave reviews and followed that up with another sold-out world tour.

Most recently, Sheehan joined drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist Richie Kotzen to form The Winery Dogs. Their first release in 2013 entered the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at number 27, and it has been received everywhere with spectacular reviews.

With his history of live performances and recordings with Talas, UFO, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Niacin, Steve Vai, and The Winery Dogs, Billy Sheehan has had a huge and undeniable influence on modern bass playing that has spread all over the globe and will continue for many years to come.
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