Bento 2 New Features

with Cris Ippolite
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Bento 2 New Features
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In Bento 2 New Features, Cris Ippolite focuses on the upgraded functions that make Bento 2 even easier to use. He shows how Bento can link with Apple Mail and RSS articles, demonstrates how to link maps to addresses from an address book, and how to link iChats to records. Cris also demonstrates new ways to customize forms using the themes Bento provides. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Integrating spreadsheet data into Bento files Using the Split View feature to enhance data visibility Exploring the new printing options Exporting data from Bento to Excel and Numbers Working with Table view to easily add, change, and reorder fields Exploring the new Fill Down feature in Table view Discovering how to save and share form templates


(cheerful music) - Hi, I'm Chris Ippolite, and welcome to Bento 2 New Features. I'm a FileMaker certified developer and trainer, as well as president of iSolutions, a FileMaker training and development firm. And in my day-to-day work and personal life, I deal with a lot of information. If you've got Leopard and any kind of data that you need organized, Bento 2 is a powerful and easy-to-use solution. In this title, I'll focus specifically on the new features of the Bento 2 release. I'll show you how to use Bento to link with Apple Mail messages and RSS articles, as well as how to link maps and chats to your forums.

We'll also take a look at ways to modify the new themes for your forms, new printing options, integrating spreadsheet data into your Bento files, and we'll get to know how to use the new split-view feature with your data. There's a lot more Bento 2 can do for any kind of data that you'd like to track. So let's jump into Bento 2 New Features.

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