Bento 2 Essential Training

with Cris Ippolite
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Bento 2 Essential Training
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Bento is a personal data organizer for Leopard that provides a place to store any information Mac users might want to collect, track, or connect. In Bento 2 Essential Training, database expert Cris Ippolite introduces the concept of databases to Bento users and demonstrates techniques for getting data into the application. He describes the features of Bento that allow Mac users to create libraries and Smart Collections for all sorts of information, and he shows how to use calculation and media fields. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Learning the Bento 2 interface Understanding collections, records, forms, and fields Exploring different methods for inputting and viewing data Sharing data with others Linking Bento to Mac applications like Address Book, Mail, iChat, and iCal Backing up and restoring information Designing custom templates Importing data from other applications


(upbeat music) - Hi, I'm Chris Ippolite and welcome to Bento 2 essential training. Bento is a personal database for Leopard that provides an organizational hub for anything that you might want to collect, track, or connect. And if you're new to database creation, don't worry. Bento's perfect for users with no previous experience. I'll start by introducing the basics. Going over the interface and different ways that you can input and view data. Then I'll go into the key database concepts as they relate to Bento. Including collections, records, forms and fields.

Bento can also be linked to other Mac applications like address book, mail, iChat, and iCal. When we're past the basics I'll demonstrate how to design custom templates, how to import data from other applications, share your data, and even give you some tips for backing up and restoring your information. So, if you're a Mac user and you're on the Leopard operating system and you have anything you'd like to organize, Bento can help. Let's get started!

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