Editing with Composites and Effects in Avid Media Composer

with Ashley Kennedy
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Editing with Composites and Effects in Avid Media Composer
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This course shows how to create complex composites using mattes, keys, and intraframe effects—elements that allow editors and motion graphics artists to seamlessly combine and animate multiple layers of video content—with Avid Media Composer. Avid Certified Instructor Ashley Kennedy demonstrates chroma-keying with SpectraMatte, creating shape masks with AniMatte, working with alpha channels using Matte Keys, and changing the color and/or characteristics of specific objects within the video frame using the Paint effect. The course includes real-world examples of how these tools can be used in a production setting.

Topics include:
  • Introducing compositing
  • Pulling chroma keys with SpectraMatte
  • Animating a chroma key
  • Working with luma keys using the 3D Luma Keyer
  • Masking out part of an image with the AniMatte effect
  • Using AniMatte effects as transitions
  • Using alpha channels in keys
  • Creating a title sequence using a layered Photoshop file
  • Changing the color or characteristics of an area inside the video frame using the Paint effect
  • Writing words with the Brush tool
  • Cloning and tracking objects
  • Removing scratches and artifacts
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