Avid Media Composer 7 Essential Training

with Ashley Kennedy
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Avid Media Composer 7 Essential Training
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Avid Media Composer is among the dominant nonlinear editing solutions in the film and television industry and it's a must-know for aspiring filmmakers. Join author Ashley Kennedy in this course, as she demonstrates basic and intermediate video editing techniques in Media Composer. Learn how to build sequences—everything from simple montages to more complex, interview-based packages—and mix audio, apply effects, and color-correct footage. The course also shows how to create titles, capture and import footage, manage and output media, and troubleshoot common post-production issues, so you'll be prepared to take your movie all the way from concept to creation. Note: This course is an update to Avid Media Composer 6 Essential Training, with additional movies to reflect applicable changes in version 7.

Topics include:
  • Adding and removing shots to build multi-track sequences
  • Trimming shots to fine-tune sequences
  • Exploring navigation shortcuts and project management strategies
  • Customizing the editing workspace
  • Using advanced editing and trimming methods
  • Adjusting audio levels and pan
  • Applying, nesting, compositing, and revising video effects
  • Creating titles
  • Understanding the relationship between rendering and system performance
  • Incorporating intelligent media management strategies
  • Ingesting, exporting, and troubleshooting your material
Media Composer


(xylophone music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ashley Kennedy. Welcome to Avid Media Composer Seven Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you basic and intermediate editing techniques as we build sequences. Everything from simple montages to more complex interview-based packages. We'll take a look at how to mix audio, as well as how to perform color correction to fix and enhance your footage. We'll explore how to apply all types of effects, including compositing effects, color effects, and titles, so that you can enrich your program to its fullest.

We'll dive into Avid's powerful metadata searching and script-based options so that you can find exactly what you need. And I'll demonstrate how to input, output, and troubleshoot your footage, so that you can take a project from concept to creation with ease. So let's have fun as we begin to peel back the many exciting layers of video editing in Avid Media Composer Seven Essential Training.

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