AutoCAD 2014 Essentials: 05 Working with References

with Jeff Bartels
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AutoCAD 2014 Essentials: 05 Working with References
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Learn to work with AutoCAD blocks, link to other drawings, and incorporate images into your AutoCAD 2014 projects. Join author Jeff Bartels as he explores the concept of references—a tool that allows you to link to and reuse external content. The course covers creating and leveraging block symbols, attaching and clipping external drawings, and referencing images. The final chapter includes a drawing challenge, where you can apply the skills you've learned, followed by Jeff's step-by-step solution.

Topics include:
  • Inserting blocks
  • Building a block library
  • Creating a link to a DWG file
  • Controlling the appearance of referenced drawings
  • Choosing between attach and overlay
  • Binding references
  • Clipping images
  • Sizing images


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jeff Bartels. Welcome to AutoCAD Essentials 05, Working with References. In this title we'll explore how AutoCAD allows us to save time by leveraging our existing content. We'll start by looking at blocks. Blocks represent symbols that can be inserted using a couple clicks of the mouse. I'll show you how to create and edit these blocks, and I'll show you how existing blocks can be incorporated into any drawing. Next we'll create external references, such that we can link drawing files together.

I'll show you how to take advantage of this concept so the changes made in one drawing will automatically display in all the others. External references can also be used to incorporate images into a design. AutoCAD will the display and print these images with the same fidelity you'd expect from a photo editing program. I'll show you how to properly attach an image, and control it's display in the drawing. Finally, I'll give you an opportunity to take the skills you've learned in this title and apply them to a small project. So, whenever you're ready, follow me and we'll get started.

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