AutoCAD 2011 New Features

with Jeff Bartels
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AutoCAD 2011 New Features
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In AutoCAD 2011 New Features, instructor Jeff Bartels highlights productivity and creativity enhancing additions to the AutoCAD toolset. This course covers improved functions for selecting and creating geometry, updated modification tools for hatches and polylines, simplified parametric constraint tools, and the new dynamic surface modeling techniques for creating complex shapes. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Applying transparency
  • Maintaining text readability within linetypes
  • Automating geometric constraints
  • Streamlining hatch creation
  • Using control vertices to create splines
  • Exploring the updated 3D workspace
  • Creating surfaces using the Blend, Patch, or Network tools
  • Trimming and extending surfaces
  • Working with the new Materials Browser
  • Customizing render materials


- [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Jeff Bartels and I'd like to welcome you to AutoCAD 2011 New Features. In this title I'm going to get you up to speed with all of the improvements that have been made to AutoCAD 2011. We'll start off by looking at the improvements made to the interface. Including the new web-based help system designed to make it even easier to learn AutoCAD and find answers to our questions. Next we'll look at the wealth of new drawing tools that have been added. For instance we can now edit our polylines and splines using intuitive grip menus.

Parametric constraints have also been updated. Rather than constructing our geometry first, and then applying constraints, we can have AutoCAD apply the constraints automatically based on our Object Snap choices. Transparency is now a property that can be assigned to specific objects or it can be applied on a layer by layer basis. If you work in 3D, you're going to love the new visual styles that make it even easier to view and edit your conceptual designs. Surface objects have been completely reborn in AutoCAD 2011.

They can now be created as easily as a solid or mesh using familiar tools like extrude, revolve, sweep, and loft. And they remain associative to the geometry that created them. The updated materials browser makes it ever easier to find the perfect material or create a completely custom material from scratch. So if you're ready to take your AutoCAD skills to the cutting edge, follow me and we'll get started.

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