AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training

with Jeff Bartels
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AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training
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AutoCAD 2009 sports cutting-edge features and a brand new interface, making it the perfect opportunity for those with no prior drafting experience to learn AutoCAD from the ground up. In AutoCAD 2009 Essential Training, Jeff Bartels gives a thorough explanation of the interface and explains the commands in the same order they would be encountered in a typical workflow. He discusses each concept using simple line work, and then applies it to a real-world example. The course is "industry neutral," meaning the skills and techniques can be applied to any drafting discipline: architectural, mechanical, civil, or design. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Learning the fundamentals of drawing
  • Mastering specialized draw commands
  • Controlling units and accuracy
  • Making modifications to existing geometry
  • Annotating and dimensioning
  • Creating reusable content
  • Plotting drawings using layouts
  • Sharing data with others


- [Voiceover] Welcome to the AutoCAD 9 Essential Training. My name is Jeff Bartels, and I have been an AutoCAD user and instructor since the days when AutoCAD was a DOS-based application. AutoCAD has been my passion for more than a decade. By day I use AutoCAD to produce large scale civil engineering plans, and by night I teach AutoCAD courses at local colleges, and work with students just like you. It's truly an honor to act as your personal trainer, and take you step by step through this industry standard CAD drafting program. AutoCAD 2009 is an exciting release. You see, it's just been given a brand new interface. This means that you've chosen the best time to start training on the software. Rest assured, as we progress through the tutorials, I will be showing you how to use AutoCAD using the latest tools and techniques.

We'll start our training with an empty interface and when we wrap up, you'll be able to create and plot your own layouts complete with annotation and dimensions. So if you've always wanted to learn from the ground up this is your perfect opportunity. Well, we have got a lot of things to talk about and a lot of learning to do. So let's get started.

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