AutoCAD 2009: 2D Drafting Techniques

with Jeff Bartels
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AutoCAD 2009: 2D Drafting Techniques
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With a host of new capabilities, AutoCAD 2009 remains the industry standard for 2D drafting. Jeff Bartels draws on his experience as a professional drafter and takes an in–depth look at the AutoCAD features used to communicate design. AutoCAD 2009: 2D Drafting Techniques is intended to be an “industry neutral” course, so the lessons can be applied to any discipline. Starting with synchronizing the AutoCAD workspace and settings, Jeff explores the creation and modification tools, focusing on several sub–options for each command. He discusses utilities such as Draw Order, Groups, and the Geometric Calculator, and demonstrates tools for making powerful selections and managing layers. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating boundaries and calculating areas
  • Producing gradient fill hatch
  • Matching properties
  • Dividing and measuring line work
  • Finding parallels and extensions
  • Making selections based on criteria
  • Filtering layers
  • Applying new skills using practical examples


- AutoCAD is the world's leading CAD application for 2D. Learning the latest functions and features of AutoCAD can keep you in the lead no matter what industry you work in. (upbeat jazzy music) My name is Jeff Bartels and I'll be your instructor as we dig deeper into the tools and features inside the AutoCAD application with AutoCAD 2009 2D drafting techniques. AutoCAD has been my passion for more than a decade. By day, I'm the CAD manager for a civil engineering firm where I use AutoCAD to produce large scale plan sets and construction drawings.

By night, I teach AutoCAD courses and work with students just like you. I know the skills that students need to work in a production environment, and I know concepts that students typically struggle with in the classroom. I've designed this title on techniques that have been proven successful in my 10 years of teaching AutoCAD. Each concept that we explore is taught using simple line work, and then we apply what we've learned using a practical example. We'll start out by synchronizing our AutoCAD workspace and settings, then we'll take a closer look at the creation and modification tools available in AutoCAD focusing on the many sub-options of each command.

We'll explore additional object snap choices like parallel, extension, and from. And we'll learn more powerful ways to make selections. We'll spend some time on layer management, and learn how to isolate, lock, and filter our layers. Finally, we'll explore concepts like draw order, groups, and the geometric calculator, all of which are used frequently in production drafting. The nice thing about this title is that it's industry neutral, meaning you could take what you've learned and apply it to any discipline, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical design, the sky's the limit.

You see, AutoCAD is a tool that's used in many fields to design and construct many different things. As an instructor, it's my job to teach you how to use this tool and get you ready to work in a production environment. So, if you're ready to take your CAD skills to the next level, follow me, and we'll get started.

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