AutoCAD for Mac 2014 New Features

with Jim LaPier
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AutoCAD for Mac 2014 New Features
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With the latest release of AutoCAD for Mac, Autodesk has finally put some of the most requested features into place, including eTransmit support, a Preview button in the plot dialog, and revised Welcome and Online Help screens. With Retina display support, the program now takes advantage of high-res interfaces. Plus, integration with Autodesk 360 allows users to upload and sync files with other users with ease. Take a quick tour of the new interface and these exciting new capabilities in this course with CAD manager Jim LaPier.

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AutoCAD for Mac


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jim LaPier and welcome to AutoCAD for Mac 2014 new features. We're gonna go over some of the newest features included in AutoCAD for Mac 2014 and see how we can use them to improve our AutoCAD expereince. After looking at retina display support, we'll take a look at new 360 integrations, as well as the new welcome start-up screen, new packaging and drawing tools, some plotting improvements, as well as the new online help tools. Whether you are a current AutoCAD for Mac user evaluating the new release or a novice drafter looking at the latest software, this course will help you understand and use the newest tools in AutoCAD for Mac 2014.

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