How to Import Video Files to Adobe Audition CS6

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Importing video files

As you may you already be aware of, Audition can also import video clips in addition to audio clips. Now it can't actually edit video, but it can often be useful to be able to see the video portion of the clip you're working on, especially if you're doing sound design for the video. You'll be trying to synch up music or sound effects or fixing bad audio. So let's see how this works. I'm going to Click the Open button on the Files panel and navigate to a movie out of my desktop. Notice that it now displays the video and audio track as separate entities in the Files panel. And the audio file has an asterisk next to it, indicating that it hasn't been saved.

Now if I try to Double-Click the video track, I get a message telling me that Audition can't edit it because it's only a video track, but it also said that I can view the video by inserting it into a Multitrack session. So let's create a Multitrack Session to see how this works. I'll choose File > New > Multitrack Session. I could also use the keyboard shortcut of Command+N, or Ctrl+N on Windows. I'm not really going to concern myself for settings here right now. I'll just call it "video" and I'll Click Okay. So we've already seen this before, but this is what a Multitrack session looks like.

By default, I have six tracks to work with. Notice that I also have a video.scsx file in the Files panel now. That's a Multitrack session file, which is the file that keeps track of all the changes that I make in the session. I'm going to select both the audio and video by holding Shift, so I can Click them both and I'm going to drag them onto where it says track one. Notice that puts the audio in track one, and it creates a video reference track up here. The Video Reference had no settings, just as the same implies. It's just there as a reference so I can see the video that goes along with the audio.

And remember, we have different workspaces that we can work with here, so if I wanted to see the video a little bit better, I might switch to the Edit Audio to Video Workspace. So I'll tap my spacebar to play a little, and you can see the video here playing in the Video panel. Now, there's no audio right now, but you can see that it comes up a couple seconds into the track. (male speaker: My name is BD Dautch, and I have Earthtrine farm, where we've been since 1998.) So at this point, I can start whatever work I need to do on the audio.

Again, I can't edit the video in any way. It's just there as a reference. And when I'm done with my changes, I can only export the audio which will then have to be rejoined with my video in whichever video application I'm using. Now we do have an entire chapter on working with audio and video coming up, so we'll talk a lot more about this a little bit later.

Importing video files
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Importing video files provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the Audition CS6 Essential Training

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