Audition CS6 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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Audition CS6 Essential Training
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Audition CS6 Essential Training demonstrates all of the major features of Adobe Audition and prepares sound editors to start enhancing and correcting audio—whether it's music, dialogue, or other sound effects. Author and musician Garrick Chow begins by covering how to import, record, and manage media files, from extracting audio and importing video, to creating a new multitrack session from scratch. The course then dives deep into editing, repairing, and cleaning up audio files, using the Waveform and Multitrack Editors, and the Spectral Frequency Display. It also covers how to use built-in effects, how to mix both stereo and surround audio tracks, and how to work with video projects from Premiere Pro.

Topics include:
  • Setting up the interface
  • Setting up inputs and outputs
  • Importing audio and video
  • Understanding audio terminology, such as frequency and amplitude
  • Adjusting clips in the Waveform Editor
  • Cleaning and repairing audio
  • Applying effects
  • Working with tracks in the Multitrack Editor and Mixer panel
  • Editing the soundtrack of video
  • Performing surround mixing
Audio + Music Video


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Garrick Chow, and welcome to Audition CS6 Essential Training. In this course, we're gonna look at all the most important things you need to know to effectively use Adobe's professional level digital audio work station. I'll show you how to perform common editing tasks like adjusting amplitude, adding fades, and trimming your clips. I'll take a look at Audition's specialized tools for cleaning and repairing audio to remove unwanted sounds you might've not thought possible to remove. We'll see how to work with the multi-track editor to combine multiple audio files into a single mix, (groovy music) and we'll take a look at how to work with video projects, (video narration) including how to import videos from Adobe Premiere Pro into Audition and back.

All of this, as well as plenty of other topics, will be covered as we explore the ins and outs of Adobe Audition CS6.

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