Audition 3 Essential Training

with Bruce Williams
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Audition 3 Essential Training
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Audition 3 Essential Training emphasizes audio theory and mixing, while explaining new features in Audition 3, MIDI, and ReWire functionality. Instructor Bruce Williams covers effects and forensic audio techniques, such as restoring sound gathered from vinyl and correcting poor audio, to mixing in surround sound. Home-recording enthusiasts, musicians, podcasters, radio production personnel, audio engineers, and anyone who wants to score his or her own home videos will find applicable in-depth tutorials in this package. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

Topics include:
  • Understanding sound frequency
  • Creating a new file and saving files
  • Extracting audio from other sources
  • Adjusting the clip amplitude
  • Understanding and using spectral displays
  • Amplitude and compression effects
  • Working in multitrack
  • Using the Mixer panel
  • Importing and editing audio from video
  • Creating surround-sound mixes
  • Automating tasks
  • Cleaning up bad audio with audio forensic methods
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