Audio Recording Techniques

with Bobby Owsinski
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Audio Recording Techniques
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Discover the industry secrets to recording crisp, rich instrument tracks and vocals in any type of recording environment. Join renowned audio engineer Bobby Owsinski as he walks through the process of miking and tracking a complete song by Underground Sun recording artist Iyeoka and A-list session musicians in a top-of-the-line studio—in a way that is applicable to any recording space and musical genre. Learn how to select the correct microphone and polar pattern for each instrument, with hundreds of revealing listening examples for drums, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, keyboards, and more. These professional techniques offer critical insights for those just getting started in the recording process, and a trustworthy reference guide for more seasoned engineers. Bobby also demonstrates how to monitor and sculpt EQ settings, why and when to process your input signal, and how to choose the right outboard gear for the track. This course employs 360-degree, 3D visualizations that provide an unprecedented perspective of the equipment, players, and microphone placements discussed. Plus, with the raw audio files provided, you can critically listen to every recorded example at home with your DAW of choice at full 24-bit resolution.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing your listening environment
  • Listening to how different microphone types affect recording
  • Choosing the right microphone for the right recording application
  • Positioning microphones for a wide variety of recording scenarios
  • Utilizing proper gain staging, preamps, and direct boxes
  • Avoiding phase cancellation
  • Using a compressor, equalizer, and high-pass filter during recording
  • Setting up a headphone mix
  • Adding the right amount of compression or equalization
  • Capturing great sounds from drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, pianos, strings, and vocals
  • Creating a great drum set sound
  • Getting the best out of any singer
  • Dealing with microphone leakage
  • Utilizing a variety of stereo miking techniques
  • Setting up and producing a recording session
  • Creating a rough mix in any digital audio workstation (DAW)
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- Hi and welcome to Audio Recording Techniques. I'm Bobby Owsinski, author of The Recording Engineer's Handbook as well as 15 other books on mixing, recording, and the music business. I developed this course with the intention of helping you create better recordings. Maybe you're new to recording and you're not entirely sure if you're doing it right. Maybe you think your recordings sound wimpy and small but you don't know why or maybe you feel like you know the basics but wanna know how the pros do it. That's where Audio Recording Techniques comes in. Throughout this course I'll show you many of the best practices for recording almost any type of musical instrument and I'll explain the reason behind each method along the way.

We'll unlock the secrets of recording as we track a song from scratch with world class musicians at Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara, California. We'll discuss things like: how to optimize your listening environment so you can really hear exactly what you're recording, how to choose the right microphone for any situation and why different microphones types and polar patterns are used, how to set up the correct recording levels at all stages of the signal path, how to tune up and mic all parts of the drum set as well as what to expect from a great drummer, how to record rhythm section instruments like electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, and keyboards, how to capture the best sounds for lead and background vocals, ? Have broken into my heart ? The is time I feel the blues have departed ? how to set up an effective headphone cue mix to help bring out the best performance from a lead vocalist, ? I know I am simply falling ? and the general principals to record just about any electric or acoustic instrument that you can think of.

At the end of the course I'll even show you how to create a great rough mix of the song that we recorded. The song we'll be featuring is "Simply Falling" by the artist lyeoka. Now join me as we dive into Audio Recording Techniques.

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