Super Fans: The Future of the Music Industry

with Benji Rogers
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Super Fans: The Future of the Music Industry
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Who are super fans? They're the fans who want to connect on a deeper level with recording artists—and are willing to pay for it. And while records are no longer sold like they used to be, artists now have the technology to connect to their audiences directly and build their base, one super fan at a time. Benji Rogers, founder of PledgeMusic, travels to SXSW to explore this topic directly with artists and industry experts.

In this short documentary, copresented by PledgeMusic, Benji talks to Kevin Wortis, director of label services at Girlie Action Marketing; San Fermin, an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based band engaging with fans through Twitter; professors (and brothers) Jay and Chandler Coyle from Music Geek Services and Berklee College of Music; and Nicole Atkins, an established artist who found out she had more fans than she ever knew, when she turned to direct-to-fan platforms to fund her new record. It's a brave new world for artists and fans. Find out how they're using it to build long-lasting and career-sustaining relationships.

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- Superfans, these are some of the most interesting men and women in the music industry right now, and they're particularly important to artists. We're no longer in the same situation that we were when a record label would take a band's music and they would become famous, become millionaires, and live the life of rock stars. Now, it's one fan at a time, and artists can, if they use the technology and the tools correctly, connect directly with these people, and not have an intermediary anymore. Fan engagement is probably the most talked about and hottest topics in the music industry right now.

We came down to South-by-Southwest to meet with artists, to meet with Superfans, and to figure out what it is that these Superfans want, and how best artists, and the music industry can engage with them. (guitar riff)

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