Mailing List Management for Musicians and Bands

with Bobby Owsinski
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Mailing List Management for Musicians and Bands
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Mailing lists are opt-in. Your fans want to sign up for them, which makes email newsletters one of the most powerful tools for selling your music, merchandise, and concert tickets. Industry pro Bobby Owsinski shares his tips for selecting a mailing list service provider, importing email addresses you already have and creating a sign-up form to generate more, and crafting the ultimate newsletter for your fans. Plus, get tips on the best times to send your emails, and learn ways to incentivize followers on other platforms to sign up.

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Topics include:
  • Why your mailing list is so important
  • Choosing a mailing list service
  • Creating lists
  • Importing email addresses
  • Deciding on a subscription strategy
  • Designing the newsletter
  • Crafting your copy
  • Using templates
  • Getting fans to respond to your newsletter
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bobby Owsinski. Author of Social Media Promotion for Musicians, Music 3.0, and 16 other books on mixing, recording, and the music business as well as a number of other courses. Perhaps the second most powerful marketing tool for yourself and your music after your website is your mailing list. Because of this conscious opt in, the e-mail newsletter is the most direct link to your fans and clients. Recent studies have also found that e-mail is 23% more effective than social media when it comes to selling goods online.

Since so much of an artist income comes from merchandise and ticket sales, it only makes sense to have and maintain a robust mailing list and send out a frequent newsletter. In this course I'll show you why using a mailing list service is so important, how to select a mailing list service, how to craft a successful newsletter, the best times to send your newsletter to get the most opens, How to get subscribers to your mailing list, and much more. There's a lot of great info in this course that I don't think you'll find anywhere else and it's all there for one purpose, help you get better gigs and make more money.

So sit back and watch as we talk about creating and maintaining a successful mailing list.

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