Selling Music: MP3s, Streams, and CDs

with Bobby Owsinski
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Selling Music: MP3s, Streams, and CDs
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Learn how to make more money selling your music. This course examines a two-tiered approach to music promotion and sales: one geared toward CDs and LPs, and the other toward digital downloads. Industry insider Bobby Owsinski first explains why it's still important to make CDs—to use as marketing tools and bundle into unique music packages to sell to fans—and prepare for album releases so that you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Next he moves into the digital realm, giving an overview of the digital music services and players available. Bobby shows how giving away some of your music can actually lead to more sales, and how to set the price point for your music. He discusses the importance of metadata and registering your songs with performance rights organizations to ensure you get paid when your music is played on the radio, TV, or the Internet. Finally, Bobby wraps up by explaining how to submit your music to the largest online services, including Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bobby Owsinski. If you're watching this video it's probably because you want to know how to make more money selling your music. Musicians love to create and let's face it, that's the most fun of what we do. But when it comes to selling our creations, many of us are in the dark. In this course I'll show you why CDs are still an important part of your music product mix. How to create multi-tiered packages to promote sales. How to set album launch milestones to get the most promotion bang for your buck. Why music is priced the way it is and how you should price yours.

Why giving away your music can be the best strategy of all. An overview of digital download and streaming services and the pros and cons of each. How to submit your songs to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and much, much more. In this course we're going to be looking at all aspects of promoting, distributing, and selling your music both physical and digital. And we'll even look at what the future holds for music distribution and the big changes on the way. So let's get started as we discover the world of selling your music.

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