The Creative Spark: Iyeoka, Recording Artist and Poet

with Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo
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The Creative Spark: Iyeoka, Recording Artist and Poet
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Technology has revolutionized the way music is made, consumed, distributed, and popularized. Now new voices can be heard the world over. Recording artist Iyeoka knows this firsthand, as she watched her single, "Simply Falling," go viral practically overnight. Watch her inspiring story unfold, as she traces her roots in Boston and her evolution from a pharmacist who dreamed of being an artist to a successful songwriter and poet. Iyeoka also shares the lessons she's learned about the role that discipline plays in creativity, and how working with collaborators in jam sessions and poetry slams shaped her own sound.

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- I really never thought it would necessarily happen to me, that I would have a song that's like and internet, YouTube sensation. With the presence of the internet, with the presences of these tools, it's a new audience. I'm on top of technology. I like the test out a lot of different applications, it really does allow me to communicate with others. You know, with people that I'm co-creating with. Boston is one of the hubs of slam poetry, and it was a place to grow that was weekly opportunity to discipline myself to write a poem or a song or a hook.

You know, going from high school, to college, to working as a pharmacist, to evolving into my musician self. It's been a process in figuring out what is the discipline in this?

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