Up and Running with Audacity

with Garrick Chow
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Up and Running with Audacity
Video duration: 0s 1h 49m Beginner Updated Aug 14, 2015


This course shows nonaudio professionals how to set up Audacity, a free audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and start recording live audio. Author Garrick Chow explores some of its most powerful and useful features in under two hours, getting you up and running with Audacity quickly. Discover how to set up mics and other audio input devices, and record one or more tracks simultaneously. The editing portion of the course shows you how to cut, copy, splice, or mix sounds together in seamless and interesting ways. Garrick also shows how to remove unwanted background noises, change the speed or pitch of a recording, and bleep out words.

Topics include:
  • Creating a new project
  • Adding tracks
  • Recording two tracks simultaneously
  • Making selections
  • Splitting clips
  • Automating volume
  • Adding sound effects
  • Using compression
  • Inserting silence
  • Exporting your project
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(soft music) - [Voiceover] Hi I'm Garrick Chow. Welcome to Up and Running with Audacity. This course is designed to present the basic tools and skills you'll need to start recording and editing audio files. I'll show you how to import and play existing audio files in Audacity, as well as how to set up your computer and record original audio files from scratch, including multi track audio projects. From there I'll show you how to perform basic editing tasks like copying and pasting audio and splitting clips and we'll also look at more advanced functions such as using Audacity's envelope tool to automate volume changes.

I'll also cover some of the most common tasks you'll perform in Audacity, like adding compression and exporting your completed project in formats that can be opened by other audio applications. We'll be looking at all this and a lot more so let's get started with Up and Running with Audacity.

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