Up and Running with Asana

with Bonnie Biafore
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Up and Running with Asana
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Discover how to use Asana, the lightweight project- and task-management tool that allows for easy collaboration and communication within your team. With Asana, there's no need for extra emails, status meetings, wikis, or to-do lists—it has all those tools built in! Get up to speed quickly with this course, which reveals Asana's most helpful features and shows how to set up organizations, teams, and projects, and add and track tasks. Dive in and learn how Asana can help you.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bonnie Biafore, welcome to Up and Running with Asana. This online tool helps you manage and collaborate on projects. Even your team can work together more effectively, stay focused on what's important, and keep up to date on where things stand. There's no need for emails, status meetings, to-do lists, wikis, additional file sharing programs, or other collaboration tools. You can do all that with Asana. This course is meant to be an introduction to Asana.

I don't cover every feature, instead I highlight the features you might find most helpful. I show you how to set up teams and projects. I also explain how to build a task list and fill in task details. Then I show you some techniques for collaborating with others, and keeping track of progress. Whether your entire organization uses Asana to collaborate or your work on smaller projects, with a smaller group of people, I'll guide you through the basics of managing projects with Asana.

So lets not waste any precious project time, lets get started with Up and Running with Asana.

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