Spaces and Places by Kevin Sloan Studio

with Kevin Sloan
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Spaces and Places by Kevin Sloan Studio
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Cities are in the perpetual process of "becoming"—and evolving ever faster as industry and technology advance. Architects like Kevin Sloan ensure community still has a place at the heart of our urban spaces and places. We follow Kevin as he visits three of his favorite projects in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas: Vitruvian Park, a landscape-driven green space; Dallas Urban Reserve, an abandoned, rubbish-strewn lot remade into a contemporary subdivision; and Airfield Falls, a water district property redesigned to showcase the area's aviation history and water-wise landscaping practices. Watch and learn how inventive design solutions like these will help define the future of modern cities.



(bright music) - For the first time in the history of the human condition the entire surface of the earth is being thought of as one landscape, one design landscape. We see history and a literate notion of architecture as the basis for invention. When I come upon a place that I find particularly fascinating, I want to get out my sketchbook and say, "What is it that I'm seeing here "that my intuition is telling me "I need to draw so I can remember it." What we produced at Vitruvian Park I would characterize as a landscape-driven urbanism.

Passing under the bridge or pausing beneath it is really more about being in a room and in a space than under something that you would think of as being under a bridge. This is the Dallas Urban Reserve. Bricolage became a way of taking rubbish and through composition make it look deliberate as an architectural idea. We see architecture as remapping familiar things in inventive and innovative ways.

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