Up and Running with Aptana Studio 3

with Joe Marini
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Up and Running with Aptana Studio 3
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Aptana Studio is one of the most popular free web development tools, and it works on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Join Joe Marini in this course as he takes a quick tour of Aptana Studio and shows off its tools for building rich HTML sites that integrate CSS and JavaScript. The course covers the software step-by-step, from installing Aptana Studio, creating and editing new HTML documents, and leveraging tools like Content Assist and code snippets that help your project progress faster and more accurately, to the final steps involved in testing and deploying your site.

Topics include:
  • Installing Aptana Studio on Windows and OS X
  • Creating a new file from scratch or from a template
  • Creating a new web project
  • Importing an existing web project
  • Editing code
  • Viewing code changes with Quick Diff
  • Keeping track of your to-do list with Tasks
  • Adding new code snippets and templates with bundles
  • Previewing projects
  • Deploying your website to an FTP server
Aptana Studio


- Hi, I'm Joe Marini, and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with Aptana Studio. In this course, we'll look at using Aptana Studio, one of the most fully-featured open source IDEs available today, and best of all, it's available for free. I'll start by showing you how to install Aptana Studio for both Windows and Mac, then we'll see how to use Aptana Studio to organize projects and take advantage of great features like the local history. We'll see how to use Aptana's professional-grade code editing features like content assist, code snippets, and bookmarks and tasks.

And we'll finish up by previewing our work locally using Aptana's built-in web server and deploying our project to an FTP site. Aptana Studio is a great free tool for building all kinds of coding projects and contains features usually found in programs costing hundreds of dollars. If you're looking to take your coding productivity to the next level, then let's get started learning how to get up and running with Aptana Studio.

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