Switch Between School and Personal Gmail Accounts

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Switching between school and personal Gmail

If your school or institution is using Google Apps for educators, and if they've given you a log-on, such as your name at your school's web address, then than means your account is being managed by that institution. For example, if I click on the drop-down menu where it says student at Orange Valley School It actually tells me that this account is managed by And even though I have access to a variety of Google products, how those products are setup, and what I have access to, is actually managed by my school. This is an important thing to keep in mind, because that means that any emails you send, any communications you do, any way that you use your Google account, your school has access, too.

And so, sometimes it's appropriate to use your school account to email between friends and family and professors, but sometimes you might have a personal Gmail account that you'd want to use to send emails to those people. Well, that can become a little bit of a challenge because your personal Gmail is running on the same servers as your school email. And so to use this, I actually have to log out of Google and log back in with a different email address and that can be a little frustrating if you're trying to manage both accounts. Well Google has created a system where you can actually be logged into two different Google accounts at the same time.

So let's go ahead and take a look at how I can link my personal Gmail account with my school Google app account. The first thing we're going to do is come up to our drop-down menu. If you're logged into Gmail, you're actually going to click on the avatar or the icon that you use in the upper right hand corner. Here, I have the opportunity to sign out, or I can choose to add an account. I'm going to go to click on Add an Account. Here, I'm going to go ahead and sign in with my regular Gmail account. Now, before I actually click Sign In, I'd like to point out this cream-colored box at the left hand side of the screen.

While this works great for using things like Gmail, it doesn't work for all Google apps. If you're trying to quickly move between Google Drives or Google sites, this may not be the best way to do it. However, if your biggest concern is being able to quickly email from your Gmail account as well as check and send email messages from your school account, then this is the perfect way to link the accounts. Let's go and click Sign In. So now it looks like I'm actually signed in to my personal gmail account. You can see that it has the Gmail header bar. I no longer have that black navigation bar at the top. But if I go and I click on my image I can now see that I have two accounts available to me.

All I have to do is select my school account and it automatically brings me back to my school login. This way, as your working inside of your school account and you want to quickly send an email to your friends, all you have to do is quickly come up and switch accounts.

Switching between school and personal Gmail
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Switching between school and personal Gmail provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Aaron Quigley as part of the Google Apps for Students

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