Google Apps for Students

with Aaron Quigley
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Google Apps for Students
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Discover how to use Google Apps to become more productive in class and after school. In this course, author and educator Aaron Quigley shows students how to work with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Drive to communicate and collaborate with classmates, become more organized, and save time. Learn how to manage school and personal email, back up your assignments, create a class website, and connect with others on Google+. Teachers can also use this course to get tips to help their students succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Topics include:
  • Searching for scholarly articles on Google
  • Switching between school and personal Gmail
  • Sending large file attachments
  • Composing papers in Google Docs
  • Creating a class calendar
  • Setting up your student profile on Google+
  • Using Google Hangout
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- [Voiceover] Hello and welcome to Google Apps for Students. Throughout this course, we will explore how to leverage the power of Google Apps in the process of learning new information all though the lens of a student. We will discuss tips and tricks for, both in class and study best practices, as well as how to manage time in projects with Google Apps. This course is designed to help students become more organized and to help save time in everyday student tasks. Even though we will explore Google Apps from the perspective of a student, teachers can also use this course to learn how to help their student succeed by recommending these tips and tricks inside the classroom.

I hope you enjoy exploring the educational uses of Google Apps and that this course helps you become a better, more efficient learner.

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