How to Create a Lesson-Planning Workflow with Google Drive

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Creating a lesson-planning workflow

As we start using Google Drive, we're going to be uploading documents, files, and folders to the actual Google servers. Once a file's on the Google server, we have the ability to share that file with someone else. However, we also have the abilitiy to share that file with ourselves in various locations. What I mean by that, is I have the ability to put something on Google Drive. Which will then give me the ability to access it on my home computer as well as my school computer. Not to mention, through any internet connected web browser I can log in to Google and also access those folders. In this video we're going to talk about how we can use Google Drive to create a home to school, lesson planning flow.

The first thing we need to do is to download and install Google Drive on our home computer. When you log into Google Drive, on the left hand side, Google automatically reads the operating system you have and gives you the ability to click a link to download the appropriate software. I've already downloaded and installed the software what I have not done yet is configured it. Once I've already installed the software you'll see the Google icon up here in the upper navigation bar for Mac. If you're on a PC its location will depend based on your operating system. To access this I'm going to go ahead and click on it. I'm going to select Sign In, and I'm going to go ahead and sign in using the same information I used to sign in to my Google Apps for Education account.

For this particular one, it's admin@orangevalleyschool. Put my password in. And I'll click sign in. Google's now telling me that they're going to create a folder on my computer that'll be automatically synced with the Google files on the Google Drive. I'm going to go and click Next, and then click Start Sync. Now I currently only have one file in my Google Drive, and that's the Farmers Market video we uploaded when we sent an email with a really large file attachment. Now that I've synced this to Google Drive, I should actually see this particular file appear in this folder on the right-hand side.

So as you can see in the right-hand file browser, our Farmers Market video is available now locally on my computer, as well as online through the Google servers. This also means that there's two ways in which I can add information to my Google Drive. I can either drag a document directly into the Google Drive folder on my computer, or I can upload the document directly through my web browser. I'm going to go ahead and close out of this file browser for now. So for example, let's say that we're on our home computer and we wanted to go ahead and add a lesson plan to our Google Drive so that we can work on it in a variety of places. To do that from my computer, I can go ahead and open up the Google Drive folder, I can find the particular lesson plan file that I want which is in chapter four of the exercise files.

Now this particular lesson plan is just a 5E science lesson plan template. And it's just to give us an idea of how we can use Google Drive. I'm goinna go ahead and just click and hold and drag it over to Google Drive. I'm going to release it and I can now see in Google Drive that it's starting to sync. The small blue arrows tell me that this file is currently syncing. Once it's completed syncing I will see it turn to a green check mark. In addition to that, I can now see on the Google Drive site, that science lesson plan one has appeared. Which means that I'm able to open up this file on my home computer, make whatever changes I'd like, click Save, and it's going to be automatically synced up to my Google server.

When I get into my classroom, I can go ahead and open up a web browser and access this document. In addition to that, if I choose to download the Google Drive software for my school computer, then this science lesson plan will be automatically synced up between the Google servers, my school computer, as well as my home computer. If you get into the habit of moving all of your lesson planning on to the Google Drive, then you never have to worry about being in that situation where you show up to school and realize you forgot to bring your thumb drive or you forgot to print out your lesson plan. You'll always have it with you.

Creating a lesson-planning workflow
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Creating a lesson-planning workflow provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Aaron Quigley as part of the Google Apps for Educators

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